This is for transformational entrepreneurs who are tired of struggling from client to client, and are ready for real money and real success.

What if you had the step-by-step money-generating formula to quickly create $3000-5000 more per month in your business?

Give me 7 weeks and I'll teach you my proven success blueprint that's SPECIFICALLY for transformational entrepreneurs to get your business thriving in 2013, even if you…

This is the exact blueprint I used to build my business to 7 figures.

Dear Transformational Entrepreneur,

I'd like to share a story with you:

Meet Brenda. She's a business coach who specializes in marketing. She's passionate about helping other entrepreneurs achieve success. In fact, she considers it her life's mission.

Every morning, Brenda gets up at 6. She feeds her children, gets them dressed, and takes them to school. When she gets home, she sits down at the computer. She's ready to begin work for the day.

Then, things come up:

  • First, she checks her phone messages, hoping for a call from some of the people she talked to at last night's networking event. She gave out a handful of business cards, but no one has called.
  • She gets on her company social media sites, expecting at least a few messages in her inboxes, but nothing. She spent an hour yesterday scheduling updates, commenting on other people's posts, and posting helpful tips, so why hasn't anyone contacted her, asking for more information?
  • The phone rings. It's not a new prospect, as she'd hoped. It's one of her friends, calling with a quick marketing question. They spend an hour on the phone. This happens more frequently than Brenda would like – and she never charges her friends for her time and advice because she feels too guilty.
  • It's time to create a new free gift, rebrand her web site, and get clients – but she isn't sure where to start. She spends the day picking out colors for her new web site, but doesn’t quite know how to proceed with the rest of her long – and growing – to-do list.
  • It's after noon, and Brenda is depressed. She's busy all day long, but the clients just aren't coming in. For the millionth time, she wonders how she's ever going to grow her business – OR her bank account. She's exhausted and frustrated – and she feels like she had no control over her life or her business. It seems like she's constantly busy, constantly doing … stuff … but she just can't get ahead.

How is she ever going to make more money, when she's swamped as it is?

Can you relate?

    Maybe you've experienced the following:

  • You have so many items on your to-do list, you don't know where to start
  • You're always doing, but you're not getting the important stuff done
  • You put off tasks and decisions that feel unpleasant or overwhelming
  • Distractions take control of your day – stopping you from finishing the tasks you do start
  • You're often running late
  • Your profits do NOT reflect the fact that you work yourself to exhaustion, daily

If this sounds familiar, you're SO not alone.

I hear these comments from people all the time. Creative, brilliant, transformational entrepreneurs just like you struggle to grow their businesses.

And it's NOT because they're not great at what they do. It's NOT because they're not savvy businesspeople. And it's NOT because they don't have a passion for their purpose!

It's because they're not spending their time on income-generating activities.

In other words, they're not being productive. (I know, "productivity" sounds so BORING, doesn't it?)

Think about it this way: productivity leads to profits.

If you're not productive, you're probably overwhelmed. More importantly, you're frustrated because your "hard work" doesn't seem to pay off.

It's not your fault. In today's fast-paced world, distractions are everywhere. Life is complicated. It seems like everyone is expected to get more done, all the time.

I have great news:

Relief is just a few weeks away…

Pamela really helped clarify what is most important to do."

Any time you run a practice, there are a billion things to do. They all seem top priority and that can be overwhelming. And I felt like Pamela really helped clarify what is most important to do right now and I’m very appreciative of that.

Thanks, Pamela.

Adele Wang

I'm Pamela Bruner, and I understand. I’ve been there. I remember those feelings all too well.


When I first started my coaching business, I struggled just like you. I hated marketing AND sales. They made me so uncomfortable, I actually stopped doing them altogether. (How’s THAT for procrastinating?)

I only had 2 paying clients, and earned a whopping $375 per month. (Really!)

So how did I go from $375 per month to more than $1 million in just 2.5 years?

Get ready – because I'm going to show you!

I was busy when I only had two clients, and I’m busy now – but I’m making much more. It’s not that I suddenly have a gazillion hours more in a day – I’m just FAR more productive with my time, and not overwhelmed.

I created systems that boosted my productivity, and my profits, at an amazing rate.

And now I'm going to share them with you.


    A brand-new program that I've designed so you can:

  • Reduce or get rid of overwhelm
  • Get more done in less time
  • Make money faster. (And as a bonus you'll probably feel waaaay better about yourself because you can finally get through your to-do list, and stop beating yourself up)
I just brought in $200,000."

From working with Pamela, I went from being awkward and uncomfortable when the conversation would come up about money, to actually loving the whole conversation where I get to know someone. I love to do sales now because it feels like tremendous service. And I just enrolled a program of 26 of my ideal clients into a year-long mentoring program for yoga teachers and I couldn’t be more pleased. I had my most amazing income year ever last year. I just brought in $200,000. And it’s really from getting comfortable with being authentic, being of service, having that difficult moment of a conversation with someone. And Pamela helped me get comfortable with that and create space for the client to step in if it was right for them. So thank you so much Pamela.

Laura Cornell

Imagine how different your life would be if you:

  • No longer second-guessed yourself
  • Knew exactly what you needed to do – and then did it
  • Stopped procrastinating – and completed the important tasks and made the important decisions, instead
  • Felt like your "busy-ness" actually paid off in profits
  • Had more time to do what you really enjoy
  • Made more money AND reached more people

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Here’s how we can make this happen, together, with "Productivity & Profit”:

Module 1: Planning for Profit

Productivity leads to profits. Here's the good news: being productive is a choice (really!). Discover how to structure your day so you make as much money as possible.

  • 4 points of resistance to profitable planning – and how to overcome each one
  • Why being organized actually allows you to be more creative and organic
  • Tips to create lasting change
  • What will work when willpower doesn’t work – and how to use it
  • And more...
Module 2: The Profit Acceleration Map

How much of your day do you spend on productive activities? Have you ever actually tracked your time? You may be surprised at how often you get distracted – and how long you stay that way. A Profit Acceleration Map ensures your time is spent on profit producers, business builders and long-term productivity.

    You learn:

  • Specific time-draining – and profit-killing – tasks and items you may not even be aware of
  • How long it REALLY takes you to get back on task if you get sidetracked (and this adds up fast)
  • The 2-minute miracle, which gets you focused when you start becoming less productive
  • And more...
Module 3: The “Productivity & Profit” Magic Formula

You've developed the mindset you need to be productive. Now it's time to put systems in place! This is where the magic happens (yep, that's why I call it the "Magic Formula"!). This 6-part formula helps you clear mental space, create order, honor your values, and remove overwhelm. Plus, it includes a built-in tool for keeping up your flow – and it gives you room to celebrate.

    You learn:

  • The perfect way to conquer your to-do list
  • The difference between decision fatigue and decision overwhelm – and how to handle both
  • The very same system I use to prioritize every task, activity and decision
  • Handling emergencies: what to do when things don't go as planned
  • And more...
Module 4: Time, Task, and Tools Mastery

It's the nature of the beast: If you're a transformational entrepreneur, you want to make a positive impact on the world. As a result, you take on too much. Your life becomes complex. Overwhelm and procrastination set in. (You know the rest.)

The solution: to simplify and streamline your time, your tasks, and your tools.

    You learn:

  • Secrets to getting rid of the time and energy drains related to complexity
  • How to create lots of space in your mind and your life to make money
  • Keys to removing clutter and distraction in your space
  • How to manage and master your time so you have both a successful business and a life.
  • And more...
Module 5: Overcoming Pitfalls and Procrastination

What REALLY stops you from getting done what you know you need to get done? Analyzing the different causes of procrastination, and learning to overcome them, will skyrocket your money-making abilities! It's time to take on the obstacles, fears and challenges keeping you from accomplishing your goals – and creating profit.

    You learn:

  • How to avoid procrastination, no matter what the cause
  • To identify your bad habits – and get rid of them, because let's face it: they're not serving you
  • The five personal productivity killers you may be overlooking
  • Where overwhelm comes from, and how to ditch it for good
  • And more...

You're going to learn everything you need to know to increase your productivity – and your profits – dramatically.

I've tripled my business"

Six months ago I was at a point in my business where I was actually thinking about giving it up and quitting because I just was so paralyzed by my own fears. I didn’t know what the right steps were. And then I met Pamela Bruner. And six months later I’ve tripled my business. I have so much confidence because I know now that I’m not alone. And I don’t know everything and that’s okay. I don’t need to know everything because I have the support and the resources through Pamela that I need to be successful in my business and it’s truly transformed me into a fledgling business owner into a true entrepreneur.

LeeAnn Shattuck Women'

"This sounds wonderful, Pamela, but I've seen lots of programs that teach productivity. What's so great about yours?"

Excellent question.

You may not yet realize it, but there are 2 sides to productivity: the practical side and the emotional side.

In other words, productivity requires systems AND the proper mindset.

There ARE lots of programs out there that teach productivity. Most of them deal with the practical side of productivity. They teach you how to systemize, organize, decide, manage your time, etc.

What they DON'T cover, though, is how to get and keep the productivity mindset. They don't teach you to uncover WHY you procrastinate and HOW to stop.

So you may have taken them, learned the concepts – and your desk is still a mess, your to-do list is longer than ever, and you feel even MORE overwhelmed. Not helpful.

I teach you both the practical AND the emotional side – because I know they work together to produce the best results.

When you complete "Productivity & Profit," you'll have experienced the mindset changes you need to get more done in less time, and make more money, faster. Even better, it's permanent! It doesn't require sheer will power. In fact, once you get in your new mindset, productivity becomes a habit – and you get more done, naturally.

$70,000 in three months!"

Hiring a business coach was part of my strategic plan to take my business to the next level because of my wide exposure to many excellent business coaches.

Pamela Bruner stood out head and shoulders above the rest as a master business coach with the exact experience and expertise I needed and wanted. So I expected great things when I hired her…but that's not what I got.

The first week she had me "tweak" something that resulted in a 4X increase in revenue that literally paid for my entire investment in her coaching program twice over! Next she helped me design and launch a brilliant set of programs – based on what I love to do most – that grossed over $70,000 in 3 months.

She coaches from both her heart and her brilliant mastery of business and I trust her completely as a key player in my business and in my future.

Margaret M. Lynch
Success Coach, EFT Expert

Now, you're probably wondering how you're going to learn…

  • Planning for Profit
  • The Profit Acceleration Map
  • The "Productivity and Profit" Magic Formula
  • Time, Task and Tools Mastery
  • Overcoming Pitfalls and Procrastination

First of all, you should know I'm COMPLETELY committed to your success.

I've been in your shoes – frustrated and unsure of how to grow my business.

Plus, as I said before, it's my mission in life to help creative transformational entrepreneurs just like you to build their businesses.

    So, when you enroll in "Productivity & Profit," you receive:

  • 5 powerful, transformation-packed 90-minute modules, with audio recordings of Live Q&A calls
  • MP3 files of ALL the calls, to listen to over and over
  • Transcripts of all calls
  • Handouts & assignments for all modules

Just sold a $5000 package!

I just sold a "HELP! I Need a Miracle" Package <-- I made up that package name yesterday for $4997!!!

I was talking to myself in my head about lowering the price and cutting the student a deal (because, before working with Pamela I just charged $100/hour), BUT, I remembered what Pamela wrote to me, "If you're making miracles happen, you need to be paid for miracles!" Sooo, I stuck with the price.

And, her biggest concern was if she could make two payments and from where and how fast she could get that first payment to me!

This whole process... has truly transformed my life.

Dr. Irene Blinston, Ph.D.

"Okay, Pamela, I'm ready to say yes! What's the cost of 'Productivity & Profit'?"

Let me ask you this: what would it be worth to you to learn exactly how to get more done in less time, make more money faster, and reduce or eliminate your overwhelm?

How much would it be worth if you increased your weekly profitable hours (by even just a few) over the next month?

$2000? $1000?

Your investment is just $297, for my complete "Productivity & Profit," homestudy program.


No Risk Guarantee
: Take the first two classes, if you are not completely satisfied provide written notice requesting a refund to BEFORE the THIRD class, your money will be cheerfully refunded. Every penny.

If you're busy all the time, but still not making the money you want to, this decision is simple.

You NEED to become more productive if you want to become more profitable.

Otherwise, you risk continued overwhelm – and frustration.

When you transform your mindset and your systems, you simply get more of the important (income-generating) stuff done in less time. So you make more money, faster!

It really IS that simple, and I'd really love to teach you how.

Pamela's given me a foundation for my business."

I have enjoyed studying with Pamela because she’s given me a foundation for my business. She’s addressed some of those hard issues that perhaps I wasn’t looking at and has really helped me to become a stronger coach so that I can have the business I want, help the people I want, and make the money I want. I would encourage you to work with Pamela.

Joyce Buford

"Yes, Pamela! Count me in! Sign me up for Productivity & Profit!"

I am ready to reduce overwhelm, remove procrastination, master productivity and become more profitable. I am ready to reach more people AND make more money.

I understand for my investment of just $297, I receive:

  • 5 powerful, transformation-packed 90-minute modules, with audio recordings of LIVE Q&A calls.
  • MP3 files of ALL the calls, to listen to over and over
  • Transcripts of all calls
  • Handouts & assignments for all modules

When I become more productive, I feel better about myself, get more done, and make more money… which means I reach more people and make a bigger difference in the world.


No Risk Guarantee
: If you don’t love it, and you let me know within 30 days from the date of your purchase, I’ll refund your money, every penny. I KNOW this will make a difference for you.
You’ve got nothing to lose. Either you love it, or you don’t pay for it. Provide written notice requesting a refund to within 30 days from the date of purchase, your money will be cheerfully refunded. Every penny.

Exhausted? Frustrated? Overwhelmed?

Ready to change all that?

Kick the profit-killers, time-suckers, and distractions out of your life for good!

To your success – faster and more profitably than ever,


P.S. If this course is right for you, you're probably feeling the pull, right now. All I ask is that you make a decision now. Don't procrastinate! If you're ready to dramatically increase your results and your profits, then decide you're worth it - and enroll today.